I work with drawing and calligraphy. Different pens, brushes and pencils are my tools. Paper, indian and walnut ink and gouache are my most used materials.

I find my inspiration in musik, lyrics, proverbs. I like to put more meaning into usual everyday things. You must find it hidden in the pictures.

All pictures (withoyt note ´privatly owned´) are for sale. They are framed, with passepartout and glas.

Waiting for miracles to come 28X28, 2017 Kejserens nye klテヲder 28X28 Take those wings and learn to fly 28X28, 2017 Take those wings and learn to fly 28X28, 2017 One not of us 28X28, 2017 The red thred 28X28, 2017 The red line 28X28, 2017 And they buying a stairway to heaven 112X106, oil, 2017 Or am I loosing my mind 50X40 oil 2017 The Viciuos Circle 40X50 oil 2017 What goes up must come down 50X40 oil 2017 Heツエs got the whole world in his hands 50X40 oil 2017 Real sound 50x50,oil, 2017 Can t get it out of my head 50X50, oil, 2017 There must be angels... 33X25, oil, 2017 Now it is up to wind 33X25 oil, 2017 THE COCKER 23X50cm, 2017 THE COMPOSER 23X50cm, 2017 Self-analysis 43,5X40,2017 Fishing in my own lake 50X50,oil, 2017 THE MOVIE MAKER 23X50cm, 2017 THE WRITER 23X50cm, 2017 Running out of thoughts 50X23cm, 2017 The Builder 50X23, 2017 The Reader 50X23, 2017 The Traveller 50X23, 2017 The Planter 50X23cm, 2017 What are they looking for? 61X25cm oil 2017 sold Running out of thoughts 61X25cm, 2017 Waiting for Van Gogh 33X22,oil, 2017 sold Wind of Change 43,5X40cm, oil, acrylic 2016  I believe I can fly 43,5X40, oil,acrylic 2016 MINDARIUM 90X61, 2016 God loved birds 60X100, 2016 Contact 40X30, ink, 2017 Easy mind 40X30, 2017 Who rules who? 40X30, 2017 Understanding 40X30 2016 There must be angels... 40X30, 2016 Reflections 40X30, 2016 Wind of Change 45X45cm,2017  I believe I can fly 40X30, 2016 Sold Looking for the way out 40X30 2017 Marriage 40X30, 2016 Clouds 1. 40X30, 2016 Clouds 2. 40X30, 2016 Where do I come from, where I am going 30X40, 2016 Dangerous mind 40X30, 2016 sold Waiting for Van Gogh 40X30, 2016 sold Do you believe in miracles 40X30, 2017 Salome 40X30, 2016 Trojan Horse 40X30, 2016 Real sound 40x30, 2016 The Swan 40X30, 2016 Can not get it out of my head 40X30, 2016 Fishing in my own lake 40X30, 2016 Halfminded 40X30, 2017 Is there a bite? 40X30, 2016 In Balance 40X30, 2016 The Two Kings 30X24, acrylic, 2016 sold Homemade halo 30X24, acrylic, 2016 Sold Karma 2. 21X61, 2015 Sold Karma 1. 21X61, 2015 One against all & all against one 21X61, 2015 I want what youテつエve got 25X25, 2015 Iテつエll be your mirror 25X25, 2015 Karma 1, 25X25, 2015 Karma 2, 25X25, 2015 Now it is up to wind 40X30, 2017 The Great Pretender 40X30, 2016 We will be your mirrors 40X30, 2015 Wheel of Fortune 40X30, 2015 Sold Cure for Love 40X30, 2016 There must be an angel...40X30, 2015 Show must go on 40X30, 2016 Show must go on1, 40X30, 2015 Learning to fly 30X40 Great power-great responsibility 40X30,2015 Sold God loved birds 30X40, 2016 Wicked Circle 30X40 The ship to the Future 30X40, 2015 Sold Water on their Minds?, 30X40, 2015 One against all. 18X40, 2015, privatly owned All against one 2015, privatly owned Creation of the Halo 40X30, 2015 Golden Calf or the Budget 30X40, 2015 Sold Self-analysis 40X30,2015 What are they looking for? 40X30, 2016 God loved the Birds 40X30, 2015 The Ship of Fools 40X30, 2015 Sold Bad day? 40X30, 2015 Help me and I help you 40X30, 2015 Sold Donテつエt draw from my well 40X30, 2015 Giving & Taking, 40X30, 2015 Service Minded 40X30, 2015 Homemade halo 40X30, 2015 Sold Femme Fatale 40X30, 2015 Recharging 40X30, 2016 sold Thoughtless 40X30, 2015 In Doubt, 40X30, 2015 Sold The grass grows 40X30, 2015 What should I wear today?, 40X30, 2015 Tower of Babel 122X44, 2014 All those women I am not, 50X40cm, 2014 All those men you are not 50X40, 2015 Waiting for Van Gogh, 22X33, 2014 Some of us..., 50X40, 2014 privatly owned Keep me searching for a heart of gold, 33X22, 2014, If I gave you diamonds and pearls, 33X22, 2014 And she is bying a stairway... Sold Keep me searching for a heart of gold, 33X22, 2014, privatly owned All those women I am not, 50X40cm, 2014 privatly owned Knower & Believer, 50X40cm, 2014 Faces of our many souls, 50X40, 2014, privatly owned Dekorations til juwellery shop, 100X200cm, 2014 Make a Wish, 2014, privatly owned Whatツエs Wrong with Me, 2014, privatly owned Knower & Believer, 2014, privatly owned Up to the Stars 21X30cm, 2014, privatly owned The Last Supper 30X70, 2014, privatly owned Life School, 2014, privatly owned Childish mind 40X30, 2016 Sold Two Kings, 2014, privatly owned Ground Control, 40X30cm, 2014 Keebing up appearance, 40X30cm, 2014, privatly owned White Rabbit 40X30, 2014, privatly owned War in my mind, 40X30cm, 2014 Hamster Wheel 40X30, 2014, privatly owned Canary 40X30, 2014, privatly owned Unattainable 70X30, 2014, privatly owned Well of fortune, 2014, privatly owned The Way to the Top, 70X30, 2014, privatly owned Dependence 30X40cm, 2014 privatly owned Bridge 30X40, 2014, privatly owned Girls 30X40, 2014, privatly owned Talk to me, 2013, privatly owned 30X22cm, 2013 Fishing the Golden Fish 40X20, 2015 Input versus output 30X22, 2013, privatly owned Hierarchy, 60X42cm, 2013 A bird, 2014, privatly owned Life Fair 2013, privatly owned Politicians, 67X30cm, 2013 Wind of Changes 36X22, 2013, privatly owned Wind of Changes 36X22, 2013, privatly owned Happy 2014 Rumours, 2014, privatly owned Laimingi 2014 Riverside, 34X86cm, 2013 The two of me, 2013, privatly owned Salome 2013, privatly owned Judith 2013, privatly owned Hell, 2013, privatly owned Civilization necklace, 61X81, 2013 privatly owned In Regione...1, 19X30, 2013, privatly owned In the land, 2013, privatly owned In Regione...2, 30X25, 2013, Saint/Sinner 2013, privatly owned Every Saint... 21X41, 2013, privatly owned Siren 1, 29X20cm, 2012 Siren 2, 29X20cm, 2012 Siren 3, 29X20cm, 2012 Siren 4, 29X20cm, 2012 Siren 5, 29X20cm, 2012 Siren 6, 29X20cm, 2012 Sirene 7, privatly owned Jolene. Dolly Parton. 36X28cm, 2011, privatly owned It takes two to tango, 2012, privatly ovned It takes two to tango, 2012, privatly ovned It takes two to tango, 2012, privatly ovned It takes two to tango, 2012, privatly ovned Wild is the Wind. 221X104, 2012 Wild is the Wind. 240X120cm, 2012 Wild is the Wind 3. 160X200cm, 2012 Sentence. 65X150cm, 2011 Verdens Skabelse 160X158cm, 2012, privatly owned "Verdens Skabelse", 155X155cm, 2011, privatly owned "Verdens Skabelse", 130X130cm, 2011, privatly owned Led Zeppelin.Stairway to Heaven. 2012, privatly owned "Tango" 80X60cm, 2010, privatly owned "Glor pテ・ vindue" 40X60cm, 2010, privatly owned "The Man I love", 80X60, 2010, privatly owned Allways Look on the Bright Side of Life, 2011 H.C. Andersen. Hvem var den Lykkeligste. 2012, privatly owned Bedtime Story. 60X40, 2009 "Hvem var den Lykkeligste?" 60X60cm, 2011, privatly owned "Hvem var den Lykkeligste?" 60X60cm privatly owned K. Bush "The man with the child..." 40x60cm, privatly owned "En discipel..." 28X59cm, 2012, privatly owned "Hallelujah" af Leonard Cohen, 2011, privatly owned "Music" 21X30cm, privatly owned Danserinde. 100X40, 2010 Scarborough Fair, 2011, privatly owned "Glommy Sunday" 25x17cm  2010, privatly owned "Songs of my girlfriends", 2010, privatly owned Med mindre....privatly owned Chicago. Cell Block Tango. Liz. 30X21, 2011 Chicago. Cell Block Tango. June. 30X21, 2011 Chicago. Cell Block Tango. Anne. 30X21, 2011 Chicago. Cell Block Tango. Hunyak. 30X21, 2011 Chicago. Cell Block Tango. Velma. 30X21, 2011 Chicago. Cell Block Tango. Mona. 30X21, 2011 "Med mindre..." 21X30cm, privatly owned Dolly Parton "Coat of many colours" 40x30cm, privatly owned "Mad World" 41x23cm, privatly owned Monty Phyton "Allways look..." 29x21cm, privatly owned Gnags "De vilde kaniner"II, 40x30cm, privatly owned The Beatles "Blackbird" 24x40cm, privatly owned
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