1969 born in Kaunas, Lithuania

1975-1984 Kauno Jono Jablonskio primary and lower secondary school, Lithuania

1984 - 1989 artschool Kauno St. Zuko dailes technikumas, Lithuania


1989-1993 Tallinn Art University (now Tallinn Art Academy), Estonia

1994-1999 clases in calligraphy and leather art & bookbinding in art schools Kauno dailes institutas & Kauno aukstesnioji meno mokykla, Kaunas, Lithuania


1999 married


2000 moved to Denmark

About my art:


Daily observations, views or sound impressions turn into pictures. Not direct reflections of those but a mixture between now and past.


My pictures are the world of symbols and allegories.


I am always searching for something that lasts or returns occasionally. Ideas visiting different civilizations in different times, and thoughts visiting different persons on different levels.


It begins with a title, which is usually a familiar quotation, a line from the lyrics of a song, a proverb, a scene from the Bible, a mythology story or a fairy tale.


The main object is the human being. Ordinary people displaying their dreams, longings, weaknesses, disappointments, hopes etc.


I am telling my version of the story, and you are welcome to finish it in your way.


Exchibitions & participations:


2018 10-11 november KUNST OG KIRKER, Slagelse


2018 5-7 oktober KUNST FOR ALLE i Lokomotivværksted, København


2018 22-23 september KUNST I HASSERIS, Aalborg


2018 21-23 september Kunstforening afkørsel 58, Daugård


2018 august Grafikudstilling galleri Art For Future, Valby


2018 28juli-4august ART WEEK, Odense


2018 maj-juni AP Pension, København


2018 26-29 april Kunst for alle Aalborg


2018 april FOA Kunstforening København


2018 30marts-1april CPH ART SPACE, Copenhagen


2018 9-11marts Kunstdage i Hillerød


2018 3-4 marts Rotary Kunstmesse, FÆNGSLET i Horsens


2018 1-4 februar Nørhalne viser kunst


2018 26-28 Januar ART HERNING med Galleri Rasmus


2018 januar KUNST FOR ALLE Ridehuset Aarhus


2017 14-15th Oct KUNST På SLOTTET, Bratskov Hovedgård, Brovst


2017 6-8th Oct. KUNST FOR ALLE Lokomotivværksted, Copenhagen


2017 30.09-01.10 GALLERINATTEN, Malmö, Sweeden


2017 September "Indre-Ydre landskaber" Galleri Art for future, Valby


2017 August-Sept. "Den levende streg" Pakhus galleri Nykøbing Sj.


2017 29 July-5 August ART WEEK i Kerteminde


2017 July SWECO Kunstforeningen i Glostrup


2017 17 Jun-2July Galleri Korinth, Faaborg


2017 Juni-August Galleri Nakke hage, Nykøbing Sj.


2017 28-30 April. Art fair ART NORDIC, Lokomotivværksted, Copenhagen


2017 April. Kunstforening Diagonalen, Give


2017 March Vejle Kunstforening, Vejle


2017 4-5 March FæNGSLET i Horsens, Rotary Kunstmesse


2017 Febr Nørhalne viser kunst, Vadum


2017 Jan KUNST FOR ALLE i Ridehuset, Aarhus


2016 Dec Kunstforeningen POLITIKENS HUS, Copenhagen


2016 Nov-Dec DECEMBER EXHIBITION Galleri Art for future, Valby


2016 Okt.-Nov. Humorisme Exhibition, Gallerie Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund


2016 Oktober Deelopart, Luftkastellet, Malmö, Sweden


2016 3-17 September Bosch´Drøm with Republique, Copenhagen


2016 9-11 September Art Fair Kunst for Alle øksnehallen (censorship), Copenhagen


2016 6-30 August Art for Future, Valby


2016 13-20 August ART WEEK, Kerteminde


2016 26Jun-20August gallery Blå Prik, Snertinge


2016 1-9th. July "X for Jazz exhibition" Huset, Copenhagen


2016 Jun Solo exhibition HUSETS GALLERI, Aalborg


2016 May-August Galleri NAKKE HAGE, Nykøbing Sj.


2016 April-May Kunstforening NIRAS, Aarhus


2016 5-6 March Fængsel Rotary Art Fair, Horsens


2016 6-22 February exhibition DE FANTASTISKLE FIGURATIONER, gallery Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund


2016 4-7 February NøRHALNE viser kunst (censorship), Nørhalne, Vadum


2016 21-24 January KUNST FOR ALLE Ridehuset (censorship), Copenhagen



Exchibitions & participations


2015 Nov/Dec. 3F Kunstforenig, Copenhagen


2015 November exhibition "Humorisme", Gallery KNUD GROTHE, Charlottenlund


2015 Oktober KUNST FOR ALLE øksnehallen (censorship), Copenhagen


2015 August Gallery ART FOR FUTURE, Valby, Denmark


2015 Jun-July Kunstforening MILJø STYRELSEN, Copenhagen, Denmark


2015 23-25 May-August Gallery Nakke Hage, Nykønig Sj., Denmark


2015 May Kunstforening Bonnier Public, Copenhagen, Denmark


2015 April Kunstforening Københavns Tekniske Skole, Copenhagen, Denmark


2015 March ROTARY kunstmesse i HORSENS (censorship), Denmark


2015 February 17.Kunstmesse IMPULSE INTERNATIONAL (censorship),Osnabruck, Germany


2015 January Kunst for alle , Ridehuset (censorship), Aarhus, DK


2014 December Christmas Show in Priiskorn Contemporary gallery,Copenhagen, DK


2014 Oct.-Nov. Kunst for alle in øksnehallen (censorship), Copenhagen, Denmark


2014 October Exhibition Pakhuset gallery , Nykøbing Sj., Denmark


2014 September exhibition Kunstforening "Afkørsel 58", Daugård, Denmark


2014 Jun 27th. Høve Kunsttræf, Høve, Danmark


2014 Jun/July Exhibition Cobra-rummet ved Sophienholm, Kgs.Lyngby, Danmark


2014 Jun/July The 5th LITHUANIAN EXHIBITION of CALLIGRAPHY Klaipeda, Lithuania


2014 Jun art fair ARTPUL in Pulheim (censorship), Germany


2014 may Exhibition in åGALLERI Frederiksværk, Frederiksværks kunstforening, Denmark


2014 march 16.Kunstmesse IMPULSE INTERNATIONAL (censorship), Germany


2014 march ROTARY kunstmesse i HORSENS (censorship), Denmark


2013 may Calligraphy workshop. Tuse Næs kunsthåndværk gallery, Denmark


2013 april/may exchibition DRAWING & CALLIGRAPHY. Tuse Næs kunsthåndværk gallery, Holbæk, Denmark


2013 march ROTARY kunstmesse i HORSENS (censorship), Denmark


2012 nov/dec exchibition Art Society Kolding Hospital, Denmark


2012 march ROTARY kunstmesse i HORSENS (censorship), Denmark


2012 februar COPENHAGEN ART FAIR in Falconer Center (censorship), Denmark


2012 februar participation HCU exchibition in Hvidovre library (censorship), Denmark


2011 october KUNST, MAD & VIN fair in Falconer Center, Denmark


2011 october BRUSH CALLIGRAPHY WORKSHOP in Hempel Glassmuseum, Denmark


2011 july participation in calligraphy contest "THE GRACEFULL ENVELOPE", USA


2011 jun/august exchibition DRAWINGS & CALLIGRAPHY in Bispehøjen residents association, Holbæk, Denmark


2011 april exchibition DRAWINGS & CALLIGRAPHY in hairdressing salon " Tehuset", Jyderup, Denmark


2011 april exchibition DRAWINGS & CALLIGRAPHY gallery "Lærerværelse", Kalundborg, Denmark


2011 november ART FAIR in Lillestrøm, Norway


2011 october ART 2 SEE art fair in Odense, Denmark


2011 februar COPENHAGEN ART FAIR in Falconer Center (censorship), Denmark


2010 october KUNST, MAD & VIN FAIR Copenhagen, Denmark


2010 may/august exchibition DRAWINGS & CALLIGRAPHY in Ubby library, Denmark


2007 november participation in INTERNATIONAL exchibition of Art Bookbinding "THE BOOK" in Vilnius, Lithuania


2001 november participation in INTERNATIONAL exchibition of Art Bookbinding


"THE BOOK" in Vilnius, Lithuania


2001 september participation in INTERNATIONAL exchibition of Art Bookbinding




1998 october participation exchibition of Art Bookbinding, gallery "ARCHYVO" in Kaunas, Lithuania


1997 april participation exchibition of Leader Art in gallery of Applied Art in Vilnius, Lithuania


1994 september participation in exchibition Gallery "Langas" in Vilnius, Lithuania


1993 september participation in exchibition of Leader Art in Gallery of Kaunas artists union, Lithuania: