I do all bookbinding by hand. I do light repairing of old books with plane cover or personally designed covers so the looks and content matches. You get a totally unique book.
I work in different types of leather and use a lot of different techniques. My favorite is relief, modeled by a mix of glue and leather dust.
This allows you a very detailed result.

"Bibel" 360x260x65mm, privatly owned detail A. Shayo "Chiparus-master of art deco" 350x265mm, 1996, privatly owned detail "Jugendstil und Art Deco Bucheinbande" 295x265mm, 1997, privatly owned Leone Frollo 300x300mm, 1997, privatly owned K. Shoseki "Tini Miura 1980-1990" 350x255mm, 1998, privatly owned Guest book 360x260x65mm, 1997 Leone Frollo, back side "The Greatest American Pin-up" 325x240, 1997, privatly owned J. Weyer "Knives: Points of interest" 300x240mm, 1996, privatly owned V.Arwas "Art Deco sculpture" 350x265mm, 1996, privatly owned K.T.Miura "My world of bibliophile binding" 350x255mm, 1998, privatly owned "Alte Schmiedekunst Damaszenerstahl" 230x230mm, 1996, privatly owned "Die bibel DalĂ­" 360x260x65mm, 1998, privatly owned "Die bibel DalĂ­" (backside) 360x260x65mm, 1998, privatly owned "Die bibel Michelangelos" 230x170mm, 1997, privatly owned Sventasis Rastas (Bibel) 215x145mm, 1997 detail Homero "Iljada" 250x170mm, 1998 Homero "Odisseja" 250x170mm, 1998 "Splendeur des Armes Orientales" 315x250mm, 1996, privatly owned "Book of sand", 150x150mm, 2008 Eksperimental book 220x160x75mm, 1998
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